Contributing to fight climate change and improving energy access


Intelligent BMS

Second Life Lithium Ion Batteries

Cloud Connectivety

We are working on energy storage systems that run on second life lithium-ion batteries. 

Designed to be reliable, safe, connected, truly circular and good to the environment. 

What can one used battery power? 

*Estimation:  Nominal Capacity: 3.2 Ah | Max. C-Rating: 0.2 | Cut-Off Voltage: 3V 

How it works?


Sales & Service

Energy User

Sales & Service

End-Of-Life Batteries sent for recycling

Quality Check

Used Battery

We are committed to taking care of the entire cycle of our used battery system – from procurement until recollection & final recycling. Real-time data, analytics and cloud computing will help us to track that

We are approaching four Global Challenges

Access to Clean Energy-

About a 20% reduction in cost 

Under-utilized Batteries

Nunam ensures batteries are fully utilized

Carbon Emissions

Fostering Cleaner Energy Systems



Waste mitigation through reuse

Our Vision


Reuse rate of Batteries

Cost of energy storage


Carbon neutral energy storage

0 CO2

Reuse every single safe secondary battery on the planet

Inspire & help others to replicate this model

Our next step - Developing our 2nd generation prototypes and pilot them in rural areas in India

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