Backend Engineer

Your Role & Primary Responsibilities

Nunam is looking for a Backend Engineer to join our lean development team. The candidate will be responsible for developing and maintaining RESTful microservices, contributing to cross-team development activities, managing cloud infrastructure and deployment scenarios and taking part in architecture design activities as well. As a team member, the candidate would be able to dictate how certain services are designed and maintained. An ideal candidate can be described below-


Your Profile

Hands-on experience in Java.

Understands relational databases and especially PostgreSQL.

Understands design patterns and object-oriented concepts.

Have developed RESTful web APIs.

Have built RESTful microservices.

Experience with frontend frameworks especially Angular.

Can write clean, efficient modules.

Have 1-2 years of experience, especially in a startup environment.



Proficiency in Java is a must.

Good experience in handling large data frames with minimal resources

Hands-on experience with PostgreSQL is a must; Proficiency in writing complex SQL queries

Understanding of Microservice Architecture Principles

Hands-on experience in writing RESTful microservices; Understanding of docker and docker-compose for deployment is a plus.

Hands-on experience in frontend frameworks, especially Angular

Understanding of Design patterns, Gitflow workflow development pattern

Excellent communication skills to bridge the gap between different stakeholders from different domains in a project.


Location: Bangalore, Karnataka