Lead Firmware Engineer

Are you someone who: 

  • Is an enthusiastic and experienced embedded firmware engineer to lead our journey to develop a battery management framework and IoT stack 

  • Is up for a challenging job with a good learning curve? You will fit right in our fast-paced start-up environment with a multidisciplinary team. 

  • Cares about sustainability? You’ll be working at the cross-section of two booming markets - Electric Vehicles (EVs) and sustainable energy storage with renewable energy sources. 

  • Looking for impact with your work? Your code will enhance the energy delivered and life of Lithium batteries, bringing direct benefit to users as well as propelling forward the green revolution. 

  • Values freedom and autonomy to take ownership and responsibility of problems being tackled? You’ll fit right in with us.  

  • Who is ready to change their stance when new data points are encountered? We offer a culture where everyone has a voice to present data-backed opinions for any decisions taken. 

  • Wants a great team and work environment? Ours is a fun, open, friendly, inclusive and respectful culture. 


What you would be responsible for: 

  • Growing and leading a firmware development team 

  • Scaling up of an IoT firmware stack that would run on 10,000+ devices in various states of deployment and firmware version 

  • Architect and develop the battery management framework in collaboration with the battery modelling team for constrained microcontrollers 

  • Developing automated test suites for manufacturing 

  • Using continuous integration to automate builds and identify issues quickly 

  • Building the testing framework for working with test-driven development (TDD) 

  • Working with Zephyr OS for building a scalable and modular code base for multiple products 

  • Low power optimizations 

  • Deploying Machine Learning (ML) models for microcontrollers 

  • Having fun with the team while having a positive impact on the world :) 


Technical skills you can offer: 

  • Experience in developing firmware for at least one product lifecycle 

  • Experience with project planning with leadership skills in a team of developers 

  • Good experience working with real-time operating systems (RTOS) 

  • Strong English communication skills. We pride ourselves on our documentation, so articulating your work for others and your future self is important 

  • Familiarity with IoT device management cloud software 

  • Knowledge of state machines and their implementation 

  • Familiarity with basic electronics concepts, the ability to read schematics and use logic analysers and oscilloscopes. 

  • Experience with git and continuous integration workflow  



  • Every hardware equipment that you’ll need for firmware development – Saleae logic analyser, High-end multimeters, oscilloscopes, debuggers and power analysers. 

  • Day to day collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team 

  • Front row seat to the Lithium battery boom in EVs and energy storage solutions. 

  • Flexible working hours as we focus on deliverables rather than working hours. We believe in providing freedom to individuals who take up responsibility.  

Work location: Bangalore