Lead Firmware Engineer

About the role: 
We’re looking for an enthusiastic and experienced embedded firmware engineer to lead our journey to develop a battery management framework. You'll be working in a fast-paced start-up environment with a multidisciplinary team.

This would involve 

  • Writing firmware for microcontrollers from various vendor

  • Working with Zephyr OS

  • IoT communication and provisioning with GSM and BLE

  • Developing optimized battery models for constrained microcontrollers

  • Low power system optimization

  • Real-time control loop for high power electronics devices

  • Working with diverse sensors based on the product

  • Deploying Machine Learning (ML) models for microcontrollers

  • Developing scalable and modular code base for multiple products

  • Testing framework for working with test-driven development (TDD)

  • Developing automated test suites for manufacturing

  • Using continuous integration to automate builds and identify issues quickly

  • Growing the firmware development team

Who we’re looking for:

  • We aim to be an organization with competent engineers with a growth mindset. We’re looking for a person who has

  • Experience in developing firmware for at least one complete product lifecycle.

  • Good experience working with real-time operating systems (RTOS)

  • Experience with project planning with leadership skills in a team of developers  

  • Strong English communication skills. We pride ourselves on our documentation, so articulating your design in terms of comments and documentation is important.  

  • Experience with git and continuous integration workflow

  • Experience with bootloader and Over The Air (OTA) updates

  • Knowledge of state machines and their implementation

  • Familiarity with basic electronics concepts, the ability to read schematics and use logic analysers and oscilloscopes.   

  • A bonus would be familiarity working on developing scripts.

Work location: Bangalore