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Bill Gates once wrote, “Energy poverty is real poverty.” And rightly so. From powering lights for work and study to running motors and machines and even the internet — all require electric energy. Without access to affordable and efficient energy sources, the poor get poorer and the socio-economic gap gets wider. Two years ago, Darshan Virupaksha and Prodip Chatterjee set up Nunam in Bengaluru with a mission to eradicate...


New Delhi: Audi Environmental Foundation has announced its support for the battery startup Nunam, which is working on a technology, through which old laptop batteries will become mobile power banks.

The Audi Environmental Foundation targets its support to projects for environment-friendly use of technology under the “Greenovation” action area, says the German luxury carmaker...

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Electric cars and trucks seem to have everything going for them: They don’t produce tailpipe emissions, they’re quieter than their fossil-fuel-powered counterparts and the underlying architecture allows for roomier and often sleeker designs. But the humble lithium-ion battery powering these cars and trucks leads a difficult life. Irregular charging and discharge rates, intense temperatures and many partial charge cycles cause these batteries to degrade in the first five to eight years of use, and eventually, they end up in a recycling facility...


NEW DELHI, Nov. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --  On November the 10th 2020, EDF
rewarded the four winners of the first EDF Pulse India competition over an
international prize-giving ceremony held in New Delhi. EDF Pulse India
programme aims at boosting young and innovative start-ups committed to provide
low carbon and sustainable energy solutions to support India's energy


France-headquartered EDF Group an integrated electricity company, active in all areas of the business: generation, transmission, distribution, energy supply and trading, energy services has announced the winners for the first edition of EDF Pulse India competition...


The first Nunam power storage systems based on used laptop batteries have been distributed and are proving their worth in everyday use. They are robust, quiet and easy to handle. That is what the early feedback from the users tells us. The state of Uttar Pradesh in India is subject to frequent power failures, so there is great demand for new uses and applications to be developed for 2nd life storage batteries satisfying higher standards with regard to efficiency, performance and service life...

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We all want to have the latest smartphone and laptop — but what happens to the old batteries? That’s what Prodip Chatterjee asked himself — and then proceeded to co-found the startup Nunam. The Audi Environmental Foundation is supporting his pilot project. In this interview, you’ll discover how he wants to bring light to rural Indian vegetable vendors using second-life batteries...

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